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Welcome 2020 !!

Our first term of 2020 has started and we are already impressed with the hard work being put in! Lots of events and days to look forward to, from festivals, competitions and of course our annual show on Sunday 28th June at Norwich Playhouse theatre.

Jordan, Erin and Shannen are working hard on show choreography in all lessons in preparation, along with all the private lessons with our soloists, duets, trios and group numbers. We have our newest group, PRIMARY ELITE who will be performing and competing at the next festival which we are very excited about! Our award winning Junior and Senior Elite teams are working hard on new choreography for upcoming events.

Our next new student intake will be after the show in June, with some additional classes available for new and existing students. More info to follow later on in the year.

2020 here we come!


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