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Sudbury Dance Festival

Congratulations to all our dancers that performed at the Sudbury Dance Festival. They all done the Dance School proud! Jordan, Erin and all the students worked so hard running up to this festival and it certainly paid off!

Congratulations to our Junior Elite Team performing 'Strange Birds', who were placed 2nd in their category. This was a first time performance for this routine, and for some of the group the very first time they had set foot on stage and performed at a festival.

Our Senior Elite Team also achieved a 3rd place in their category. A few of the senior elite team we unable to perform at Sudbury, so the 'Move Your Body' routine was re choreographed especially for this performance.

A huge congratulations to Nevaeh & Isobel, who were placed 2nd for their Modern Duet. These two girls dance beautifully together and gave an amazing performance... well done girls!

And to top off our final day at the festival, a 1st Place was awarded to Paris, Katie & Lucy! They also won the Modern Junior Award for attaining the top overall mark out of all the duets, trios and quartets that performed at the festival. This was the first time they performed this duet and they worked so hard, a huge WELL DONE!!

Thank you all, and well done to every dancer that took part, and to the dedication of the parents too!

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