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Happy New Year 2018!

Updated: Feb 20, 2018

We hope all of you had an amazing Christmas and looking forward to what 2018 will bring. 2018 brings a very busy and exciting year for our students. The hard work from our students and teachers continue, working towards the many performances and festivals planned for the year. A big WELCOME to all of our new students that have recently joined us.

There have been some positive and beneficial changes for 2018, one of which is our Gymnastic and Acrobatic venue and teachers. We have moved our students to train with a club that is accredited by 'British Gymnastics' and provides a safe, effective and friendly environment for our students being guided by appropriately experienced and qualified teachers. The safety of our students when learning gymnastics and acro is paramount, which is why we use experts in this field with all the correct safety equipment. Our students have had a few lessons towards the end of 2017 here, and the improvement already is incredible!

**30th June 2018 NORWICH PLAYHOUSE - 'Move Your Body'**

Jordan Ayers School of Dance is performing an entire artistic and emotive show, showcasing the talents of the students. We are all very excited to show the talent and progression of the students, with some special guests in the audience... this will be a show to remember! You will be able to book your tickets directly through the theatres website on we will keep you informed of when these tickets go on sale.

Our first festival of the year will be February, good luck to the many of our students that are taking part, and a big well done to those that have their first festival solo's & group work!!

Here is to an exciting 2018!


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